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Welcome to Rusconsult


Welcome to Rusconsult   

Who we are

RUSCONSULT Group of Сompanies is a full service consulting agency with over 17 years of experience starting from 1997 when Russian business was still making its way into new market economy. Since then, we have been an aspiring team of management consultants devoted to raising the quality of Russian management through counseling, implementing world best practices and designing precise custom-made solutions.

Our staff can boast of qualified experts with a broad experience both as outsourcing consultants and “in the field” – as CEOs, CHROs or CFOs. Plus a number of narrow specialists in tax, finance, business, psychology and business training.

What we do

Being the true followers of Amsterdam standard for management consulting we are focused on a depth problem-solving approach.

Much too often we encounter situations where the most effective management instruments acknowledged worldwide fail to succeed with Russian businesses. This happens due to lack of adaptation to Russian business environment and underestimation of the company uniqueness. Thus all our change programs are based on a thorough organizational diagnosis.

We provide a wide number of services for excellence seekers. A wide range of ideas are on offer - from strategy management to talents and corporate culture projects.

Our expertise and passion lies within a broad range of industry sectors: banking, manufacturing, b2b products and services and others.

Our values

Client oriented

We believe we must tailor deep knowledge of your business’ uniqueness, your personal objectives and values to produce positive changes that will lead to your success. Our advice is based on thorough all-round research of your business issues and is aimed to put you on the road of perfection in all spheres that we could touch on.

Our success is our clients’ success.

Result focused

We create value for our clients and take responsibility for our work results not only by offering advice but also by providing step-by-step assistance introducing approved and appropriate changes.

We measure our success by a number of changes implemented by our clients.


We enjoy upgrading our talents. We are absolutely sure, that only by developing ourselves we would grant the long-lasting results of changes we suggest.

Our talents are the key to your success.


«They showed great respect for our case and were always supportive and fast to respond. They act professionally and have a great understanding for business processes in general»

Henning Stenhammar

«It's amazing how outsourcing consultants, that got to know our company just a few weeks ago, could really bring in some breakthrough ideas for us – the management team - who have been in this business for several years.»

Victor Altshuler
CEO,TeploEnergoRemont - Moskva

«Consulting technique and methods brought to us by RUSCONSULT, their corporate values embrace Russian specific: history of economy development, Russian mentality. I recommend this consulting company for all foreign investors that are planning business in Russia…»

S. Astahov
CEO, FerplastRus

Please contact us

We are ready to serve your needs and are open for all suggestions of teamwork and partnership.

E-mail us to info@rusconsult.ru


Make a call to +7 495 540-54-82